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Book your scan

Find a scanning centre

Visit our search page and enter your location or use the map to select a convenient MRI scanning centre near you.

Fill in patient details

Enter the details of the person who will be having the scan. If you’re booking for someone else, please use their details.

Enter scan details

Your clinician will use this information to compile your referral, and prepare for your 1-1 consultations.

Complete safety questionnaire

Our safety questions will confirm your suitability for an MRI scan. You’ll be notified here if any of your answers could impact your eligibility.

Pay for your scan

Our Full Body MRI Scans are priced at £1,499, and we have three payment options available:

Debit/Credit Card

Pay for your full body scan in full using your debit or credit card.


Pay in full or spread the cost of your scan across 3 payments.


Have your pre-scan consultation

One of our experienced clinicians will be assigned to your booking within 24–72 hours. Your dedicated clinician will phone you to discuss your medical history, and date and time preferences for your appointment.

Your clinician will then complete your referral, and you will receive an email notifying you of your confirmed appointment slot at your chosen centre.

Their support doesn’t end here - your clinician will be on-hand throughout, from booking and referral to receiving your results.

Our friendly clinicians

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Have your full body scan

The next step is to have your full body scan at your chosen centre, which will take 60–90 minutes.

Our MRI scans are carried out by experienced radiographers, who will assist our clinicians in examining and reporting on your imaging results.


Receive your results

Post-scan consultation

After your clinician receives a copy of your scan results, they will carry out analysis and build your scan report.

They will call you for another consultation, to explain your report and inform you of any findings. This will usually take place within 7 working days following your scan.

Report and imaging

After your post-scan consultation, you will receive an email containing your report, and instructions to download your images.

Beat disease with early detection

Adopting a preventative approach to your wellbeing means you are always one step ahead.

Full Body MRI Scan