One scan. Multiple organs. Sixty minutes.

Looking for potential cancer and disease indicators, our full body MRI scan provides a deep insight into your overall health.

  • Scan multiple essential organs and blood vessels
  • Detect and prevent possible health concerns early
  • Safe and non-invasive MRI screening

4 in 10* cancer cases in the UK could be prevented

By spotting the warning signs earlier, you can maximise the opportunities for treatment for a number of health concerns.

Our full-body MRI scan includes most of the essential organs and complex structures of the body - the areas most susceptible to disease, abnormal growth, or degeneration - which could be life changing.

*Reference: Brown et al 2018, DOI: 10.1038/s41416-018-0029-6,

Body parts scanned

  • Brain (including MRA of blood vessels)
  • Neck blood vessels (MRA of Carotid arteries)
  • Chest (not including heart or lungs)
  • Abdomen (including overview of liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder)
  • Pelvis (Female: includes uterus, ovaries and urinary bladder, Male: includes prostate and urinary bladder)
  • For typical detection of

  • Tumours
  • Lesions
  • Abnormal growth
  • Aneurysms
  • Saving lives with proactive health management

    With our proactive approach to health management, we’ll get an accurate view of what’s happening inside your body. And the best part? You’re in control.

    An MRI scan identifies abnormalities inside the body, avoiding assumptive diagnosis and invasive biopsy procedures.

    MRI scans help diagnose soft tissue diseases, quickly locate the source of pain or inflammation, and identify abnormal tissue or tumour growth.

    A typical MRI scan focuses on only one body area, whilst a full-body MRI can check for up to 362 potential conditions. It is a profound preventative examination of your overall health, and can help in focussing further MRI imaging.

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    Peace of mind

    Get the reassurance you need with a deep insight into your health and detect possible abnormalities and diseases as early as possible.

    No waiting lists

    Full body scans are only available privately, not through the NHS, so there are no lengthy waiting lists.

    Dedicated 1-1 care

    Have a dedicated clinician guiding you through your scan with pre and post scan consultations.

    No GP referral required

    Our team of medical professionals will handle your full body MRI referral for you.

    Meet our clinicians

    From discussing your medical history to explaining your results, our dedicated clinical team will be with you at every step of the process.

    Dr Khalid Latief

    Dr Khalid Latief


    Jasper Nissim

    Jasper Nissim


    Emma Ross

    Emma Ross


    Dr Nicola Turner

    Dr Nicola Turner

    MBChB, MRCGP, BSc Pharm, MRPSGB, Dip Clin Pharm, BSc Hons

    How it works

    Book your scan

    Choose a convenient scanning centre near you and book a scan online.

    Pre-scan consultation

    Before your scan, have a pre-scan consultation with your dedicated clinician.

    Have your full body scan

    Visit your chosen scanning centre on the day of your appointment and have your scan.

    Get your results

    Have a post-scan consultation with your dedicated clinician to walk you through your results.

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    Full body pricing

    Take control of your health with our affordable and flexible payment options.

    • 60–90 minute full body MRI scan
    • Pre & post scan phone consultations
    • 1-1 care with a dedicated clinician
    • Report and imaging via email

    Body parts included

    Pay in full £1,499
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A full body MRI scan takes 60–90 minutes.

    Once a year is a recommendation so that we can monitor any specific issues and your overall health.

    We have 30 locations across the UK and more on the way. Contact us directly for specific details.

    While MRI does detect musculoskeletal conditions (joint, limb, cartilage and gross spinal issues), the Full Body Scan is not a dedicated spinal MRI. For a diagnostic spinal MRI, please visit our sister site.

    The Full Body Scan MRI is only for people aged 18 and over.

    MRI scanning of the heart involves particular work required by a dedicated cardiac MRI, and this is not included in the full body scan. For a dedicated diagnostic cardiac MRI, please visit our sister site.

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    Our happy patients

    "Having just retired, I decided to have a full body scan to see if I had any problems I wasn't aware of. One great feature of the service is that you don't need to involve your own GP. The scan took around 2 hours and didn't involve any discomfort. The results were available within about 4 days and although a few minor problems were found, they were all common for my age group."

    Beat disease with early detection

    Adopting a preventative approach to your wellbeing means you are always one step ahead.

    Full Body MRI Scan